Parenting Arrangements: Keep Yourself Informed!


Right now we do not have details of what a lockdown will mean for Australians, though it does appear measures to keep Australians safe will be increased over the next days and weeks.


If you have court orders which require you to do something, for example, spend time with your children on specific dates and times, then you ought to ensure you do your best to follow these orders.  However, if you cannot follow the court orders due to any circumstances including lockdown measures, you ought to keep a record of those circumstances and how they affect your ability to follow the court orders.


If you want to make changes to the court orders for any reason, then you should try and communicate with the other party to see if he or she will agree to your proposal. If you cannot communicate directly with them (this could be because you have been restrained from doing so or if the communication with the other party have broken down) you should try to communicate through a third party or your lawyer.


The Family Court and Federal Circuit Court schedules are being updated almost on a daily basis.  This is to make allowances for the coronavirus pandemic.


The Chief Justice of both courts has indicated that he will fight to keep the courts open and functioning during these uncertain times, however, the courts just like the rest of us will be required to follow directions in relation to lockdown measures. This may mean that sometime in the not too distant future all but the most urgent of cases will be heard with the remainder being adjourned to a time after the lockdown measures have been scaled back or removed.


If your matter is listed for hearing in the next 6 months, you should confirm that it is still proceeding when it gets closer to your court date. If you need urgent orders put in place, you ought to contact your solicitor as a matter of urgency so that they can be made in a timely fashion. Our offices are temporarily closed to the general public as of March 2020 but we are still functioning and our staff are able to communicate via most online platforms, including FaceTime, Skype, Zoom and WeChat (you can find more about that here). You can also get in contact with us via the below: