Tips to minimise your legal fees


It goes without saying that solicitors can be expensive.  Here are some tips to minimise your legal fees:

1.  Attend meetings prepared

Prior to your meeting with your solicitor take some time to, print and organise all relevant paper work and to canvass the facts relevant to your legal issue(s).

You may find it useful to write down important dates and a summary of your legal issues to guide you as you chat to your solicitor.

The more organised you are prior to the meeting, the less time you will spend with your solicitor trying to recall or locate relevant information during the meeting.

2.  Respond to telephone calls and e-mails promptly

Solicitor fees, in relation to e-mails and telephone calls, to follow up for your instructions quickly add up.  Acknowledge and respond to correspondence from your solicitor promptly to avoid unnecessary legal fees.

3.  Collate questions for your solicitor

Your solicitor can charge for most emails, telephone calls and text messages from you.

Instead of contacting your solicitor frequently with individual questions, if your matter is not urgent, write down your questions and contact your solicitor when you have a collated a few questions.

4.  Be upfront and provide clear instructions

The golden rule is to provide clear and detailed instructions to your solicitor.

Clients who fail or refuse to disclose important information early in their matter(s) are likely to incur more fees later in their matter.

Don’t hide things from your solicitor.

5.  Limit conversations to legal matters

Whilst you are likely going through a difficult time when you need advice from a solicitor, limit your correspondence with your solicitor to your legal issues and avoid using your solicitor for any form of therapy or counselling.

Seek assistance from a qualified therapist, counsellor, psychologist or psychiatrist if required.

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