The honeymoon is over and so is the marriage – now what?


You’ve been dealing with the emotional toll of the breakup, but what about the financial impact?  There are a number of things that you should consider post separation including separating your bank accounts (don’t forget the credit cards), deciding on where you are going live and how you are going to afford it and preparing a financial plan.

Did you hear about the couple who separated, split the marital asset pool between them and lived happily ever after?  18 months later, the husband dies.  He had not updated his Will.  The wife suddenly receives all of his estate.  This is a true story and happens more often that we care to consider.  In this case, all of the money spent by the husband and the wife in legal fees in trying to sort out the asset split between them was a complete waste.  The wife ended up with everything.  If only the husband had come to see someone at Bambrick Legal.  We would have ensured that he had updated his will so that his estate went to the beneficiaries of his choice post separation, not his former wife.



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