If you’re currently involved in a dispute with the ATO or any other tax matter, you need a legal team that is dedicated to providing you with the right advice in language you can understand. At Bambrick Legal, we know that tax disputes can be both stressful and expensive, and our aim is to work with both you and the ATO to achieve the best possible outcome.

Tax Law can be very complex and the associated penalties can be harsh. That’s why our practitioners take a proactive approach, providing our clients with the right advice before a dispute occurs. If a dispute does happen, our legal team have the expertise and the experience to resolve the matter in the most cost effective manner possible. As a firm dedicated to providing solution-focused legal advice, we are perfectly positioned to provide your business with the right tax advice along with the very best representation when you need it. 


What kind of disputes can we assist with?

  • Defending bankruptcy and winding up applications
  • Part IVC Litigation
  • Federal Court Appeals
  • Applications for remission of penalties and interest
  • Responding to position papers
  • Defending tax prosecutions


At Bambrick Legal, we work with businesses of all shapes and sizes, from sole proprietors to large corporations and everything in between. Our focus is to provide advice that is tailored to the specific needs of your business. Working closely with both accountants and financial planners we offer collaborative advice that will ensure your business is compliant with its tax obligations. 

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Frequently Asked questions


The ATO has notified me that I’m being audited. What should I do? 

Firstly, stay calm – this is not the end of the world. A tax audit is simply a comprehensive examination of your tax affairs conducted by the ATO. Generally speaking, the ATO targets specific industries and/or individuals or businesses that have tax affairs outside of what is considered by the ATO to be ‘normal’. Should an error be discovered, this can mean litigation. Its always wise to seek legal advice as soon as you’re notified of an upcoming audit. The opportunity to insulate oneself from penalties by making a voluntary disclosure will be lost after the audit is commenced. At Bambrick Legal, we can help you understand the process and provide representation as required.


I’m being sued by the ATO for a tax debt. Help!

Whilst this can be distressing, we recommend you seek immediate legal advice to understand both your rights and obligations. Our legal practitioners are highly experienced in handling this kind of litigation, and we can expertly walk you through the process.


How can I find out more about tax law and tax disputes?

Our legal team is always happy to sit down and discuss your tax responsibilities and any disputes you may have. An initial consultation is without charge and without obligation.


Do you need Tax Law Advice?


At Bambrick legal, our legal team can assist with any of the services above. If you would like to know more, please contact one of our friendly staff at Bambrick Legal today: