‘Should I stay or should I go?’


Many couples who face difficult times decide to ‘give it one last go’. Those couples who have managed to work through their differences and difficulties should be applauded.  Unfortunately, not everyone is lucky enough to find that ‘happy place’ in their relationship again, especially after a decision to separate has already been conveyed to the other partner.

If your partner is suggesting counselling, it is a very clear sign that there are serious issues in your relationship that need to be discussed.  It also says that your partner is committed to trying to work them through.  You need to consider where you stand in your relationship.  Are the issues insurmountable or are you also committed to trying to keep the relationship together?

If you are considering telling your partner that the relationship is all over, you should obtain some legal advice first.  You may find that the road ahead (after separation) is more difficult than you anticipate.  By obtaining legal advice, you will be informed of yours and your children’s rights and obligations post separation.  Typically, you can find out answers to the following types of questions:

  • If I leave, do I still get to see my kids?
  • Is it true that the person who stays in the house gets the higher percentage of the asset pool?
  • I am considering taking on a new job that pays a lot more, will this affect how much of the asset pool I will receive?
  • Do I have to change my Will?
  • I think my partner is having an affair.  Does that mean that I get to keep everything?
  • My partner received a large inheritance during our relationship.  Is that counted as part of the asset pool or do I have to pay it back to my partner if we separate?
  • We own a business together – now what?

Family, friends and social media are full of good and practical advice, but all too often, that advice is misinformed and misplaced.  At Bambrick Legal, we can offer a fixed-fee initial meeting so that you can walk away armed with proper legal advice and information tailored to your specific situation to help you decide your future.  Proper legal advice will also provide you with other options as to how to finalise the financial aspects of your separation as well as how to resolve disputes over parenting of your children, without conflict and avoiding court.



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