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Do you need to resolve a dispute with your former partner/spouse? At Bambrick Legal, we offer our services to those who need the assistance of expert solicitors who can help them navigate the complexities of family law. With our legal expertise, we can help you settle family disputes in a smooth, efficient and cost effective manner.

Our lawyers will listen to your concerns and get you results.  We understand matters of the heart can be emotional, and that’s why it can be helpful to have someone on your side with a cool head.


The breakdown of a relationship is frequently a distressing and upsetting time for the whole family.  It is not uncommon for you and your former partner to be at different emotional stages in terms of dealing with the separation, and during this time you may need to make some quick, and potentially very difficult, decisions in relation to yourself and your children:

  • Who will the children live with, and what will the care arrangements be?
  • How will you support yourself and/or your children?
  • Who will be responsible for outstanding bills or debts?

At Bambrick Legal, we have experienced solicitors who can help you address these problems.  Talking with an experienced solicitor and knowing that you have a professional on your side can put your mind at ease. We can help you come up with solutions to the issues you and your partner will face before they become too big to deal with. These include:

  • Your children's living and caring arrangements
  • Providing for the needs of your children
  • Settling joint accounts/credit cards, outstanding debts and mortgages
  • Ownership of the house and other properties


Ending a marriage is an emotional and stressful experience. Bambrick Legal can help you with your divorce application, especially if the circumstances surrounding your divorce are complicated - for example, if there are minor children, issues with partner visas or residency, tax debts of a business or if you are separated but still living under the same roof.


Pre and Post Nuptial Agreements (Binding Financial Agreements)

Meeting the person of your dreams and spending the rest of your life with him or her is truly a magical experience. If you both have assets that you accumulated before you met, we can help you be sure that, in the unlikely event you separate, you have protected those assets for your future.

Bambrick Legal can help you by preparing a Pre-Nuptial Agreement (Binding Financial Agreement) that ensures that you and the person of your dreams know exactly what will happen to each other’s assets, liabilities and financial resources if you decide to separate in the future.

For more information on Pre- or Post-Nuptial agreements see some of our frequently asked questions:

Property Dispute

Issues surrounding properties are among the most common problems faced by separating couples. Not only is dealing with division of assets time-consuming, settling these sorts of disputes is also mentally exhausting and emotionally draining. At Bambrick Legal we help our clients settle property disputes to ensure that they receive their proper entitlements with minimal complications.

We can advise you on the best way to formalise an agreement between you and your former partner, whether by way of Consent Orders in the Family Court of Australia or another solution tailored to your specific circumstances.

On occasions, a matrimonial property dispute can be handled on a deferred payment basis so that you are not required to pay legal fees until a settlement agreement has been finalised.

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