What is the Verification of Identity requirement?


The Verification of Identity policy was introduced in South Australia in 2013 and requires legal practitioners, conveyancers and mortgagees to take reasonable steps to verify the identity of a party to a conveyancing transaction.  These requirements were introduced to reduce the risk of land title fraud in South Australia. 

For a representative to comply with the Verification of Identity Standard they are required to examine a range of documents belonging to the person being identified with the person being identified attending a face to face interview.

Your representative will ask you to bring in a range of documents to verify your identity.  These documents may include a valid and current Passport, Drivers’ Licence, Birth Certificate and Medicare card.

At the interview they will make certified copies of these documents.  You will need to bring in the original documents as the identifier must be satisfied that these documents are authentic and identify you as the person.

Where documents containing photographs are produced the Identifier must be satisfied that the person attending the face to face interview is a reasonable likeness (for example the shape of his or her mouth, nose, eyes and the position of his or her cheek bones) to the person depicted in those photographs.

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