How long will my visa application take to be processed in 2020?


Many potential visa applicants balk at two aspects of the Australian visa application process – the cost and the waiting times.


Unfortunately, like death and taxes, both are, in almost every case, unavoidable.


The waiting times are estimated by the Department for Home Affairs and are updated regularly depending on a huge variety of factors, which includes the volume of applications, the complexity of cases, and the ease with which the Department can retrieve any additional required information.


The COVID-19 pandemic has, naturally, impacted the processing times for many visa sub-categories and for visas generally, not just in Australia but worldwide.  For countries undergoing a severe quarantine or shutdown, the Department faces significant delays in obtaining supplementary information from other countries’ migration agencies, such as character references, health references, and any other required-data-matching between agencies.


The availability of immigration processing staff is also likely impacted.  Countries whose residents are subject to a travel ban may likely find that their applications are deferred.


In short, this means that processing times for a variety of visas have ballooned out – and if you are an applicant, there is unfortunately little to do but wait it out.


If you have a visa that is currently being processed, there is unfortunately no way to know how far along the application process might be.  There is, however, otherwise no cause for concern while the application is within the Department’s estimated processing times.


What you can do is ensure that you have all relevant documentation ready and prepared in the event that the Department asks for additional information.  You ought to know the application process for any further checks that the Department might ask for, such as Australian or overseas police checks.  Promptly providing the Department with any requested information will minimise delays in the application process.


If you have any other questions about the application process, processing times, or visa eligibility in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, you can contact Bambrick Legal today for a free 30-minute no-obligation migration consultation:



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