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Gardening & The Law: They Have More In Common Than You Think


There’s an old saying ‘The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago. The second best time is NOW’. Estate Planning


Gardening is all about sowing seeds and plants so in the future you will be able to harvest a decent crop or admire the blooms and foliage of the mature plant. Gardening is also about weeding, getting rid of dead plants and rubbish from your garden areas.


We are all doing a great job with self-isolation, staying home and doing our bit to stop the spread of COVID-19. Many are using this time to do major tidy up jobs around the house including gardening. After a hard day in the garden you may have time to stop and think – what next. Well what about your legal and financial affairs?


Have you thought about who will look after your finances if you are unable to? Have you thought about what your last days will be like? Have you wondered what it would be like to not have a say in any of those things? Have you considered what may happen if you were to pass away without a Will?


Without an Enduring Power of Attorney (EPOA), Advance Care Directives (ACD) or a Will, you are leaving these crucial decisions up to someone else. That someone else may not be someone you trust. That someone else may not even be someone you know. That someone else may be the Public Trustee. That someone else may be a long lost relative you didn’t even know existed.


NOW is the time to look at your legal affairs.


Make sure you have a Will. If you don’t, then you ought to make one. If you have an old Will, then you should to pull it out, read it and make sure the right people are named to administer your estate and the right people have been named to receive a legacy from your estate.


Make sure you also have an EPOA and ACD. If you don’t, then you ought to make one. If you already have an EPOA then you should to pull it out, read it and make sure the person or people you have given the power to deal with your financial affairs is a person you still trust to make decisions on your behalf. Similarly, if you already have an ACD you should make sure the right people are named as your Substitute Decision Makers, that you still trust those people to make decisions on your behalf when you no longer can and the directives set out in your document still reflect your end of life wishes.


If you want to speak to someone who cares about your affairs and is experienced in all aspects of estate planning, you ought to contact us. Just like a good gardener, we have all of the tools needed to ensure your legal affairs are in order.


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