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Approximately half of all Australians don’t have one – a Will

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Wills, Estate Planning & Probate 

You’re working hard and accumulating wealth. What will happen to your assets when something happens to you?

Death is one of the very few things that are certain in life. As we do not know exactly when we are going to die, it is very important to be prepared, especially if you have loved ones that you wish to provide for.

At Bambrick Legal, we can assist you in all matters related to estate planning. With our team of highly skilled and experienced solicitors, we will help you plan what will happen to your assets when you pass away and assist you to develop strategies to deal with all your personal and business assets.


The Importance of Having a Will


If you own property or have control over property, you should have a Will. A Will is an important legal document that helps ensure that the right people will be provided for in the event of your demise. It also helps ensure that your assets are distributed according to your wishes. By having a Will, you are able to have a say about who will receive your hard-earned assets.

Failure to prepare a Will prior to your death can cause your heirs or loved ones a few problems. For starters, it may be difficult and expensive for your family to deal with your estate. Second, it gives you no control over what happens to your assets. As a result, it may be possible for your former spouses and distant or estranged relatives to make a claim against your estate, even if you do not intend to bequeath anything to them upon your death.

Another disadvantage of having no will is that a Court will determine who is to become the administrator of your estate and who gets to share in your assets. This means that there is a risk that the Court may choose the Public Trustee or maybe even someone you owe money to, to administer your estate.



Powers of Attorney and Advanced Care Directives


Under an Enduring Power of Attorney (EPOA) you appoint one or more people to be your attorney to make financial decisions on your behalf when you have lost capacity (either permanent or temporary).  You can direct your attorney(s) to make those decisions either solely or jointly.

Under an Advance Care Directive, you appoint one or more people to be you substitute decision maker (SDM) in the event that you have lost capacity.  You can direct your SDM(s) to make decisions about where you want to live, refusals of health care, dying wishes and any other personal arrangements you may want.






How can a lawyer help me?

Lawyers assist clients with legal issues all day, every day. They are accustomed to asking questions to clearly understand your particular problem.  They then use their training and experience dealing with similar cases to succinctly recommend a course of action for you to consider.


Will I need to go to Court?

We advise and endeavor to deal with matters to alleviate the need to go to court.  Lengthy delays in matters being listed for a court hearing together with attendance at court adds to the expense of having a dispute resolved.


How long will my case take?

The time required to prepare for and manage a particular matter will depend on how complex it is. We will provide an estimate of the anticipated time required to manage your case during the initial briefing meeting.


What will using a lawyer cost me?

At Bambrick Legal we are at all times driven by the need to be cost-effective and efficient in our services to clients. We will provide an estimate of our costs before you retain us, but only after we properly understand your matter and have considered your objectives and instructions.

Do you need Will/Estate Planning/Probate Law Advice?


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