Drive-thru Lawyering – the new norm?


For years we have used drive-thru services to purchase coffee, alcohol and take-away meals. For years we have also visited the offices of professionals seeking their services.


Enter COVID-19.


Drive-thru services are now becoming the norm in new industries.


Keeping people away from our business doors has become customary. So what about clients who have to sign documents in front of a qualified witness? How do you maintain social distancing and still witness a signature?


Bambrick Legal has the solution!


We are the first law firm in Adelaide to provide a drive-thru service for clients that need to have their signatures witnessed.


Our clients make an appointment to have their signature witnessed. When they arrive they may not even have to leave their cars. For those that choose to leave their cars, we have set up a designated area in our secure private car park, with tables, for clients and witnesses to maintain social distancing measures and have their signatures witnessed by a qualified person. Our clients are back on the road and heading home in no time at all!


If you need your signature witnessed for the purposes of updating your Will, notarial services or any other purpose, Bambrick Legal can ensure that they are witnessed according to the governing legislation and in a safe way to ensure that we all comply with the social distancing measures that have been put in place to protect us.

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After Hours Service

Bambrick Legal offers a unique after hours service to clients who find themselves in need of legal representation or advice outside of regular business hours. Matters requiring urgent after hours attention ought to be directed to Adrian on +61 (0) 439 981 969